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Our Coffee Shop

Our Coffee

Our coffee is made by the amazing Roasting Party based up in Winchester. They roast the most delicious blend for us that, when poured by our brilliant baristas, yields the smoothest espresso. 

We take great care into making sure the right amount of coffee goes in and comes out of each shot, all in the right amount of time. 


Our cakes are supplied fresh and are some of the tastiest around. We have a great range of vegan options and also some with no gluten-included ingredients!

Ask our team for the allergens on the flapjacks or even how juicy and soft the bakewells are. 

The perfect accompaniment to your coffee. At least we think so anyway.


Our food offerings consist of toasties, sausage rolls, teacakes, and pastries including croissants, pain au chocolat, apple danish, and Belgian bun. 

Our toasties have various fillings including cheese, tuna melt, and more.

Ground Coffee
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